First Photo Of Steppenwolf In Justice League Snyder Cut Reveals New Design

Justice League New Gods Steppenwolf

There’s a lot of talk going into the Justice League Snyder Cut about Darkseid’s role in the movie, but it’s worth a reminder that Steppenwolf will still be the film’s main villain. That might illicit groans from some, due to how boring he was in the theatrical cut, but the good thing is this is Zack Snyder’s version of the antagonist. We’re not entirely sure how his characterization will differ from what we’ve seen before, but he’ll definitely look a whole lot better. And scarier.

Today, Snyder revealed our first look at Steppenwolf in his cut of the flick. The filmmaker took to Vero to share a low-res pic of the villain from behind. While we can’t see his face in this image, we can already make out how much more detailed and monstrous this depiction of the general from Apokolips is. And in his caption, Snyder promised that “he’s a thing to behold” in all his hi-res glory. “How many [email protected]*ks do you think he gives ???” the director jokingly asked his fans.

We first saw Steppenwolf in the DCEU in the Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition, with Lex Luthor receiving a vision of the extraterrestrial invader just before his arrest. In this appearance, he was nowhere near as humanoid as the one from the theatrical version, and concept art for the Snyder Cut has told us that we should expect the character to go back to this look when we next see him.

Ciaran Hinds will provide Steppenwolf’s voice again, as he was originally hired by Snyder in the first place. In the Snyder Cut, we’ll actually meet some other citizens of Apokolips, too. Obviously, there’s Darkseid himself, as played by Ray Porter, but we’ll also see DeSaad, portrayed by Peter Guinness. Following on from this sneak peek, we could well get our first proper glimpse at Steppenwolf in the trailer for Justice League that’s debuting at DC FanDome on August 22nd, so be sure to stay tuned.