New Details On Darkseid’s War In Justice League Snyder Cut Revealed

Justice League New Gods Steppenwolf

Just last week, Zack Snyder tweeted a sneak peek teaser for his cut of Justice League. It featured Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman looking at some inscriptions on a wall, followed by a glimpse of Darkseid himself. And now, thanks to one industrious Twitter user, we have a translated version of some of the text that appeared in the video.

The text written in Ancient Greek was seen on the Shrine of the Amazons, which Wonder Woman discovers in the clip, and the translation – by Twitter user Unity_514 – hints at the backstory of Darkseid. It seems like Zeus commanded Ares to kill Darkseid when he invaded with his army, but somehow the injured and beaten supervillain survives and takes refuge in the stars (most likely meaning space).

There’s also mention of the Mother Boxes, which look to have been left behind by the winning army. These are “distributed among the three generations/tribes/races/clans” who might have to defend Earth against Darkseid if he tries to invade again.

Of course, you should take this with a pinch of salt, as for all we know this text could just be a placeholder that changes before the film is released. Speaking of which, the long-awaited Snyder cut of Justice League is scheduled to arrive some time next year on HBO Max, and that release window might just fall within early 2021, if recent reports are to be believed.

Either way, we’ll know a lot more at the DC FanDome event – a 24-hour virtual convention that starts on August 22nd. It’s an event worth getting excited for as well, with DC promising to make announcements spanning the entire DC universe, including movies, shows, games and comic books. Fingers crossed we’ll get a full trailer for the Snyder Cut of Justice League at that point, too.