Watch: Superman Returns In Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer Teaser

Justice League

We’ve seen stills and a promo for Zack Snyder’s Justice League and now, we have another new look at it thanks to the trailer teaser up above. It doesn’t show off a whole lot as it’s simply meant to act as an appetizer ahead of the full thing this weekend, but for the steadfast supporters of the Snyder cut, this is like catnip and promises a very different movie from the one that hit theaters back in 2017.

We’ve long known that replacement director Joss Whedon threw out the majority of Snyder’s work and reshot most of the film. Over the years, we’ve seen various animatics, storyboards and images from Snyder’s cut, so everyone expects this version to be quite different. It’d only make sense, too, as reportedly, only 15% of Zack’s footage made it into the theatrical release.

It’s early days yet to judge whether this will be seen as a barnstorming success or merely a cinematic curiosity, but it’s at least clear that the Snyder cut will feel much more like a proper thematic sequel to Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice than Whedon’s cut was.

A couple of questions remain, however. One is exactly how long this beast is going to be. It appears that Snyder has complete freedom on the project and many are anticipating that it’ll be screened on HBO Max as a miniseries separated in various parts. Personally, I really hope that’s the case, as this is seriously promising stuff.

Even more encouragingly, the release isn’t in the too distant future. HBO Max have confirmed that it’ll drop in “early to mid-2021.” I’m an optimist, so I’m hoping for it to hit the service sometime in March or April. Still, I wonder if it’d be too much to ask for a couple of very limited release theatrical screenings (on IMAX?) just to give the fans who never gave up hope a reason to get together and congratulate themselves on a job well done.

And if this ends on a nice little cliffhanger, could we one day see it followed byJustice League sequel? One can only hope.