Zack Snyder’s Justice League Will Reportedly Be A Miniseries

Justice League

The theatrical edition of Justice League is very obviously the work of two filmmakers with vastly different styles being awkwardly stitched together in post-production, and the seams between Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s footage results in a huge number of jarring tonal shifts that frequently happen multiple times in the same scene.

With the Snyder Cut now a reality and the movie’s original director fervently working away free of charge, fans should expect an entirely different experience after the DCEU’s former gatekeeper admitted that up to 75% of his version will be footage that’s never been seen before. There’s clearly a whole lot of plot that got left on the cutting room floor, with the studio’s insistence that Justice League clock in at no more than two hours being the reason that it runs for exactly 120 minutes, but we’ve now heard that the Snyder Cut could expand the story to such a degree that it could become too big for a standalone movie.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Green Lantern and Justice League Dark shows are in development for HBO Max, which we now know to be true – after the Sucker Punch director recently confirmed that his ideal take on the material would be around four hours long, Warner Bros. are now looking to release it as a miniseries instead, likely in six, 40 minute or so episodes.

This certainly seems like the right move, too, as not only would a Justice League miniseries give enough time for the multiple plot threads to breathe and allow the characters sidelined in the theatrical cut a chance to redeem themselves, but HBO Max could also spin out their high-profile investment a little longer if they were to release new installments on a weekly or monthly basis, with the buzz theoretically driving up subscriber numbers as a result.

Having butchered the movie once already beyond recognition, the last thing Warner Bros. want is to have more accusations of heavy-handed interference thrown their way when it comes to their latest stab at Justice League, and if they’re giving Snyder complete creative freedom and it ends up running at four or five hours, then they’ll just have to accept it and release it however they see fit.