Ben Affleck Casts Himself In Argo

Ben Affleck is going to be meddling behind the camera as well as showing off his acting chops in front of it for his upcoming movie Argo. The film, which also stars John Goodman and Alan Arkin, tells the true story of a CIA operative who carried out a daring mission to extract Canadian diplomats from the Iranian capital.

The film is obviously going to highlight political tensions which exist between the US and Iran but at its core, there should be a solid action thriller which takes time to do characterization properly.

Affleck’s last film, The Town, proved that he can make poignant, exciting movies that still rake it in at the box office. Ideally, Argo will repeat this trick, swapping working class Boston for the exotic, repressive atmosphere of Tehran.

It all seems very promising right now and the way it’s shaping up, Ben may have a third consecutive directing hit on his hands.