Benedict Cumberbatch opens up on tragic death of his sister

benedict cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch opened up on the loss of his “gifted” sister Tracy.

The actor’s half-sister Tracy Peacock fought cancer for seven years and unfortunately passed away. Cumberbatch, a very private man in the age of celebrity, told media of the loss of his sister and of who she was as a person. Peacock passed at age 62.

Tracy Peacock was the daughter of Cumberbatch’s mother, Wanda Ventham, from her first marriage to James Tabernacle. Ventham later married Timothy Cumberbatch and had Benedict.

Cumberbatch spoke of closeness to his half-sister and paid tribute to her artistic ability.

“She was nothing to do with this world. She was markedly different,” he told the Daily Mail. The Oscar-winning actor continued, “She was a brilliant fine artist but ended up doing a lot of restorative work on canvas and on frames and carpentry. But still kept her hand in and did her own work and made the most [sic] Christmas and celebratory cards of any kind of festival. She was very gifted.”

Tracy grew up alongside Cumberbatch and formed a strong relationship despite the 17 year age gap, often babysitting her half-brother.

In 2012, when Cumberbatch broke up with his then partner fashion designer Anna Jones, sister Tracy spoke in very affectionate terms about her brother and who he is. “You would have to be a pretty smart cookie to keep up with him. I think that is why possibly he has trouble with girlfriends,” Tracy said of Cumberbatch.

Tracy Peacock leaves behind a 34-year-old daughter and a husband.