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Benedict Cumberbatch Teams With Omaze For Incredible Avengers: Endgame Contest

Fancy attending the Avengers: Endgame premiere with Doctor Strange himself? You may want to enter this incredible new Omaze campaign.

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is a special kind of movie. And that’s something we can say with absolute confidence – despite the fact that it’s still a full eight weeks from release.

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Because after 21 films (Captain Marvel included) and more than 10 years of MCU goodness, Endgame is exactly that, the final chapter in this current Avengers saga, which will signal the end for many of our favorite characters – Pepper Potts and all.

So it’s small wonder why fans are beginning to clear up their calendars so they can catch Avengers: Endgame as soon as possible. But why stop there? Why not be in with a chance of attending the film’s world premiere with none other than Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch? That’s the crux of today’s all-new Omaze campaign, the details of which can be found below.

Still with us? As the title suggests, this Omaze campaign is a doozy, not only because it offers one lucky Marvel fan the chance to meet Cumberbatch in person, but it’s also working in close collaboration with GEANCO and their mission to save and transform lives in Africa by “focusing on the health and education of those in Nigeria.”

A worthwhile cause, then, and you can find out all about it below:

Doctor Strange may (or may not) be a pile of ash, but Benedict Cumberbatch is alive and well… and excited to meet you! Seriously!! You and a friend will meet up with the one and only Benedict, get to know each other and take some strange (but wonderful) selfies. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Benedict will hook you up as his VIP guest for the premiere of one of the most anticipated movies of the year—Avengers: Endgame! You’ll walk the red carpet among the universe’s coolest heroes and be some the first people in the world to see who really survived the Snap. This generation of Avengers is coming to an end, but for you it’s just the beginning. Flights and hotel included.

Avengers: Endgame opens worldwide April 26th. Don’t miss it.