Black Adam Producer Says Sequels Were Always Part Of The Plan

black adam

In most cases, sequels to blockbuster movies aren’t officially entered into active development until the first installment’s reviews and box office numbers have come in, because Hollywood seems to have learned from its repeated mistake of announcing release dates for projects that never end up happening.

However, a mega budget superhero story that’s part of a pre-existing multi-billion dollar franchise with the world’s biggest star in the lead role is plenty of cause for an exception, so it’s no surprise to hear that Black Adam sequels were part of the plan from the second Dwayne Johnson’s long-held passion project finally got given the green light.

In a new interview with Collider, producer Hiram Garcia admits that there was never any other option than Johnson headlining multiple adventures as the DCEU’s new antihero on the block, with expansion plans part of the initial talks between Seven Bucks, Warner Bros. and DC Films.

“We have always had a vision of where we saw we wanted this to go. There’s 100% a vision of what we’d like to be doing in a multiple picture aspect when it comes to Black Adam and the JSA. We’ve met with everyone from every corner of DC Universe about how we can bring certain characters to life, how we can continue and build out the worlds on some of these characters, and it’s just about finding the right home for it.”

Garcia previously teased that spinoffs are already close to being announced, so Black Adam is poised to launch a franchise within a franchise, with Johnson’s vengeful and all-powerful being at the center, which spells bad news for Shazam!, Wonder Woman, Superman, and just about anyone that’s either brave or stupid enough to get in his way.