Black Adam Reportedly Being Planned As A Trilogy

Black Adam

Having been attached to the title role in Black Adam for well over a decade, you can guarantee that Dwayne Johnson will have big plans for the comic book antihero now that the project has finally escaped from development hell and will be in front of cameras in a matter of months. The DCEU is in the midst of a creative resurgence with a number of massively exciting titles on the horizon, and signing up the biggest and highest-paid movie star on the planet is definitely one way to get people buzzing.

Johnson produces all of his own output through his Seven Bucks company and is heavily involved throughout the development process as well, so Black Adam should be no different despite the fact that it slots into an established mythology. Indeed, the 48 year-old has constantly been teasing that the hierarchy of power is about to change for good, and he’s also made it clear that Henry Cavill’s Superman is firmly in his sights.

The concept teaser that debuted at DC FanDome promised that Black Adam would see the DCEU fully embrace hard sci-fi for the first time, which instantly promises that it will be an altogether different sort of movie from what we’re used to seeing from the largely Earthbound franchise. Johnson’s track record of box office success speaks for itself, too, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us a Justice League Dark show is coming to HBO Max – that the studio are already envisioning a Black Adam trilogy.

This won’t happen for a while, of course, given that we’re still waiting on one of the DCEU’s major heroes to see their second solo outing released never mind a third, but it at least signals the intention to position Black Adam at the forefront of the series moving forward. And that can only be a good thing for fans.