How Black Panther Continues To Deconstruct The Superhero Genre


With huge box office receipts and more records being broken by the minute, it’s safe to say that Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther has been a huge hit for Marvel Studios. Why? Well, because the King of Wakanda’s first solo movie is one of huge cultural significance.

Sure, part of Black Panther’s success is because it’s an entertaining and crowd-pleasing addition to an already successful franchise. But it’s also, so far, the only movie out of the current superhero trend with a black lead and cast, and it really gets to grips with the themes of black identity. Alongside its talk of vibranium and heart-shaped herbs, the film sensitively explores race relations in America, and the effects of colonialism.

Black Panther has remained in the conversation because it’s a fresh and unique voice within the current crop of caped crusaders. However, the film still manages to join a pervading conversation that an increasing amount of superhero movies are engaging in. So, with that in mind, read on and explore with us how the spinoff continues to deconstruct the genre.