Black Widow Leak Says Red Guardian’s The Worst Part Of The Movie


A lot of leaked info from Black Widow, Marvel’s first movie of Phase 4, arrived online recently, apparently revealing much about what we can expect from Scarlett Johansson’s first solo venture in the MCU. Including the nature of its big twist and the contents of its two post-credits scenes. The whistleblower appears to be a fan who saw an early screening of the film, which means they were also able to give their own opinions on its quality.

Bear in mind, then, this is just their thoughts. Not to mention it was posted on 4Chan, so take it with a pinch of salt. Still, one of their comments is pretty disheartening as according to them, Red Guardian is the worst element of the movie. Stranger Things star David Harbour is playing Alexei Shostakov in Black Widow, a former Russian superhero who’s part of Natasha Romanoff’s old family.

The trailers revealed that the character will be portrayed as a larger-than-life figure, an over-the-hill superhuman who’s let himself go since his crime-fighting days. Clearly, he’ll serve as the movie’s comic relief, though likely with something of a tragic edge, too. This leaker, though, was not a fan, as in their post, they summed up the Red Guardian as the worst part of the film, calling him the “super cheesy forced quip guy.”

The parts of Harbour’s performance as Shostakov we witnessed from the first trailer went down quite well with fans online, so this is definitely disappointing to hear. However, it’s likely that not everyone will agree with this person’s assessment. For instance, elsewhere in their post, they make their dislike of 2019’s Captain Marvel clear. And obviously, there are countless people across the globe who loved that.

In any case, we’ll find out soon enough how Red Guardian is received, as Black Widow reaches cinemas this May.