New Black Widow Leak May Reveal Taskmaster’s True Identity

Black Widow Taskmaster

Black Widow is just a few months away from hitting cinemas, marking not just the beginning of the MCU’s Phase 4 but also Scarlett Johansson’s first starring vehicle in the franchise. If you’re too impatient to wait until May to find out what happens though, a highly-detailed leak has surfaced online which runs through the major developments of the movie. Granted, this info does come from 4Chan, but occasionally there can be some legitimate leaks on there and this one definitely lines up with a lot of what insiders have been saying lately.

For one, it apparently reveals the identity of Taskmaster. The big bad of the film has been portrayed as a formidable yet mysterious presence in the trailers so far, with the second one featuring Natasha asking “who is that guy?”, specifically drawing our attention towards the fact that who’s under the mask will be a major plot point.

And according to this 4Chan user, Taskmaster is really the character played by O-T Fagbenle, credited as Mason on IMDb. He’s said to be Natasha’s ex but beyond that, his villainous motives are as yet unknown.

This reveal won’t come as a shock to fans, as most had already pegged Fagbenle as the most likely candidate to be Taskmaster and We Got This Covered even reported months ago that the actor was indeed the one behind the mask. So, this leak seems to corroborate our intel.

It certainly makes sense, too, as we know the least about his character as he’s been kept entirely out of the trailers. And if you were hoping that Marvel would come up with a better twist than this, rest easy knowing that the leaker also explains that there’s another big plot twist that we won’t spoil here which kind of makes up for this one.

But in regards to Taskmaster, we know that he has the ability to mimic his opponent’s combat style, something that was glimpsed in the second trailer when he was able to instantly match Natasha’s stance. Making him the heroine’s former lover as well would add an extra personal dimension to his evil, but it remains to be seen whether this is the case or not. We’ll find out for sure though the old-fashioned way when Black Widow lands in theaters on May 1st.