‘Blade Runner 2049’ star never expected the movie to get a sequel


Sci-fi classic Blade Runner polarized critics and viewers when it was first released in 1982, but garnered a large cult following over the years, and is currently regarded as one of the most influential movies in the genre’s history. In 2017, sequel Blade Runner 2049 was released to critical praise and won several awards, including two Oscars for Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects.

While the sequel achieved acclaim and recognition, it greatly underperformed at the box office, pulling in $259 million on a budget of $185 million. For Mackenzie Davis, who starred as Mariette, her heart was never set on a sequel, and she was more than content with a one-time role. In a conversation with Collider, the actress revealed she wasn’t under any impression that a third installment would ever be made:

I never was under that impression. I’m not being coy at all. I never was like, Part 1 of Mariette. I was just like, ‘Whoa, this is some pretty weird dream fulfillment. It’s my favorite movie, and then I’m in the movie now.’ It felt very crazy.

While Ridley Scott had initially expressed interest in more Blade Runner films, and Villeneuve tied a third film to the success of the second, it’s still unsure what’s next to come. Scott however, revealed that a 10-episode Blade Runner television series was in the works and the pilot has already been written, meaning that the franchise is set on expanding, just not on the big screen.