Blade And Spider-Man Battle Venom And Morbius In Awesome MCU Fan Art

The Morbius trailer (see above) confirmed that the Sony and Marvel universes are linked after all, so fans are now pretty excited to see characters from the two franchises cross over at some point. This epic piece of fan art imagines probably the coolest Sony/Marvel crossover possible, though – Blade and Spider-Man teaming up to take on both Venom and Morbius.

From digital artist Jackson Caspersz, this terrific artwork captures a snap from a fictional fight scene between Mahershala Ali’s vampire hunter, Tom Holland’s wall-crawler, Tom Hardy’s symbiote and Jared Leto’s living vampire, as the two heroes smash the villains through a window and into an office building. It’s all suitably cinematic and has certainly whet our appetites for something like this happening on the big screen.

Morbius is the first of these characters to next appear in cinemas, with his origins movie out next March. Venom: Let There Be Carnage then follows in June, with Spider-Man 3 coming in November. Marvel’s Blade reboot isn’t due in 2021, but it is on its way. After all, Ali was revealed to be taking up Wesley Snipes’ iconic role at last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con. We don’t yet know what to expect from the film, but hopefully a team-up with Spidey or a face-off against Morbius is on the cards.

Speaking of which, Morbius will definitely feature a cameo from Michael Keaton’s Vulture, which has got folks wondering if Sony’s building up to a Sinister Six made up of Sony and Marvel villains. If this did come to pass in some future pic, that would see three out of the four characters be brought together, leaving out only Blade. So, this epic artwork isn’t totally out of the realms of possibility.