Blade Star Doesn’t Think He’ll Be Invited Back For Marvel’s Reboot

Ever since Hollywood became fascinated with the reboot, it’s become something of a tradition for any reinvention of a popular property to tip its hat to what came before via a legacy cameo or two. As a self-contained mythology, that’s not really been a concern for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although Lou Ferrigno’s appearance in The Incredible Hulk does stand out as a notable exception.

Wesley Snipes has found himself linked with a part in the MCU’s Blade reboot since it was first announced, and the original Daywalker admitted he’d be open to the idea were Kevin Feige to come calling. A while back, Stephen Dorff also said he’d be open to a brief guest spot having played Deacon Frost in Stephen Norrington’s 1998 effort, but when asked recently if he’d be showing up the actor artfully dodged around the question with a non-answer.

“I wish Mahershala the best with the Blade remake. Because they’re re-doing Blade and Mahershala Ali, we did True Detective together and he’s an amazing actor. So I wish him the best with that.”

Dorff hasn’t exactly endeared himself to the Marvel fanbase recently after blasting Black Widow for looking like a bad video game, even going so far as to say the recent prequel looked like garbage. On top of that, he also referred to Blade as a one-note character, subtly shading the property while praising Snipes’ performance in the same breath.

With a star, writer and director now in place, pre-production on Blade can finally start ramping up, a full two years after it was surprisingly announced at San Diego Comic-Con. A two-time Academy Award winner like Mahershala Ali donning a leather trenchcoat to slice and dice his way through hordes of the bloodsucking undead in an action-packed comic book genre has a ton of potential, even with a PG-13 rating that left more than a few supporters of the initial trilogy feeling short changed.

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