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Blasphemous MCU fans dare to question why Wong is so popular

The Wongtourage has mobilized to defend their hero to the hilt.

via Marvel Studios

Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe might only be less than a 18 months old, but there’s a huge volume of fans who would staunchly name Wong as the recurring highlight of the franchise’s fourth chapter, with the freshly-minted Sorcerer Supreme making three appearances already.

Affable English actor Benedict Wong has been a highlight both on and off-camera, whether he’s referring to his latest set of adventures as Phase Wong, rebranding the entire series as the Wong Cinematic Universe, or lovingly referring to his adoring throngs as the Wongtourage.

Everywhere he goes, the 50 year-old is asked when and not if we’ll be seeing him headline either a standalone movie or a Disney Plus series, and he’s equally keen on both given how often he’s had to address the speculation. And yet, Reddit has exploded into a debate as to why Wong’s popularity has exploded all of a sudden, and there’s even some commentators who somewhat blasphemously don’t care for him at all.

The comments are already way into the hundreds, but thankfully the majority of them lean very heavily into the positive side of the conversation. The beauty of a hypothetical Wong show on streaming is that because of his status as the Sorcerer Supreme, all he needs to do is open a Sling Ring portal and he can show up anywhere across the MCU without having to explain himself.

Whether we’re talking the more grounded superheroes, the cosmic side, the mystical, or even the supernatural, there’s always a time and place for more Wong.

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