Blistering First Clip And Featurette For Deepwater Horizon Reveal Peter Berg’s Ensemble Thriller


If Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg developed a knack for hard-hitting drama through 2013’s Lone Survivor, by the year’s end, both director and actor will be well versed in crafting cinematic experiences from real-life tragedies. Not only have Berg and Wahlberg lined up Deepwater Horizon – see the blistering new trailer above – but there’s also the small matter of Patriot’s Day, the star-studded depiction of the harrowing Boston bombing of 2013. But more on that later.

Up first for Berg and Wahlberg is the infamous BP oil spill that wreaked havoc across the Gulf of Mexico six years ago. It was an event that will no doubt go down as one of the worst – if not the worst – man-made environmental disasters in modern history. However, Deepwater Horizon is more concerned with the human story at the heart of the tragedy and, specifically, the men and women on board the titular rig who fought desperately to save as many lives as possible. Standing shoulder to grimy shoulder with Mark Wahlberg are Kurt Russell, John Malkovich, Gina Rodriguez, Dylan O’Brien and Kate Hudson.

Deepwater Horizon is earmarked for launch on September 29. We’ll begin to get a sense of how Berg’s thriller fares with critics very soon, though, considering Horizon is among the films in attendance at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Look for the director to collaborate with Wahlberg once again as well when Patriot’s Day hits theaters in December.

It is April 2010. The Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling unit lays some piping 40 miles southeast of the Louisiana coast in the Gulf of Mexico. An air of unease hangs in the air as workers clash with British Petroleum executives over questions of due diligence. Eyes clearly fixed on the bottom line, BP’s bullying bigwig wants to expedite the tests and get drilling.

Meanwhile, the veteran foremen are primarily concerned about their co-workers’ safety — but will they defy orders when millions of dollars are on the line?

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