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Bloodthirsty gorehounds praise the greatest massacres horror has to offer

Horror fans can't get enough of these blood-soaked massacre moments.

Ghost Ship 2002 horror
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From gore-fest gatherings at the hands of twisted villain Jigsaw to a fiery explosion inside of a building full of civilians, the colossal horror genre is swarming with disastrous moments that feature unfathomable massacres in movies. And while some of these massacre moments are definitely more in-your-face than others, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t included on a long list of favorites as far as bloodthirsty horror fans are concerned.

The discussion of these massacres initially kickstarted on the r/horror subreddit, where user u/baldanderrod encouraged fellow Reddit gorehounds to share some of their favorite massacre scenes in horror movies while simultaneously listing a handful of their own delectable picks.

In typical horror fans fashion, commenters immediately sought to congregate in the thread in regards to the appealing topic — with many users refusing to shy away from some of the wildest selections in the genre.

One user brought some serious ‘00s nostalgia by offering up their choice as the iconic cornfield scene in the horror crossover Freddy vs. Jason.

Another user quickly mentioned the jaw-dropping opening to 2002’s Ghost Ship, where a loose wire snaps and wipes out an entire group of passengers and crew members while cutting a rug on a ship’s dance floor.

Another user included a nice throwback touch by mentioning one of the most iconic lines in all of cinema from John Carpenter’s They Live (1988).

Regardless if it’s the blood-soaked prom scene in 1976’s Carrie or the monstrous attack in cult classic The Cabin in the Woods, the horror genre has an abundance of flicks that showcase spine-tingling bloodbaths that fans will remember for years and years to come.

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