‘Blue Beetle’ is reportedly still on track for 2023 release

Concept art of the Blue Beetle by DC Comics
Image from Warner Bros.

Despite the remorseless scythe of Warner Bros. being unleashed on Batgirl, its sister production Blue Beetle is still safe for its release.

Batgirl was to be part of a new approach to Warner Bros. DC film strategy, with theatrical releases being complemented by HBO Max series like Peacemaker and exclusive films. After Batgirl got axed, it seems that a similar fate loomed for the Latin American superhero Blue Beetle, but a new report suggests otherwise.

The Hollywood Reporter has given Blue Beetle fans renewed hope, with insiders saying the film is safe for a theatrical debut, an upgrade on what was once reported to be a streaming exclusive. Xolo Maridueña plays the titular character and recently some set photos have been released.

However, considering Batgirl also got to the point of set photos being released, fans might have reason to stay skeptical of the film coming out. Perhaps with Blue Beetle’s lesser-known cast it’s less of a risk for Warner Bros. than a bad film with a much-loved character and several big names.

The budget for Blue Beetle is estimated by IMDb Pro to be roughly $120 million, a cool $40 million more than the reported budget for Batgirl. It’s noteworthy that Deadline reported Blue Beetle would be spared alongside Black Canary last week, with Batgirl even alleged to have gotten the sack for tax write-off reasons.

Should all go to plan at Warner Bros., Blue Beetle will release Aug. 18, 2023 in cinemas.