Toy Soldiers Remake Reportedly In Development, Queen Latifah Eyed


The production company behind two of this month’s biggest reboots, Fantasy Island and The Invisible Man, are reportedly eyeing another blast from the past to modernize for today’s audience. According to our sources – the same ones who said a Swamp Thing movie is in the works, which Bloody Disgusting has since confirmed, and that a Scream reboot is happening, which we now know to be true – a remake of the 1991 film Toy Soldiers is in development, with Blumhouse at the helm.

The talented folks at Blumhouse Productions are known for putting out hit films like Get Out, Upgrade and successfully reigniting the Halloween franchise. Now, it looks like one of their next challenges will be bringing back Toy Soldiers. Jason Blum is set to produce the project, and negotiations are also underway with Queen Latifah to both star in and produce the remake.

For those who never saw it, the plot of the thrilling action drama revolved around a terrorist organization’s attempt to get their drug kingpin leader released by taking a prep school hostage. But this isn’t any regular private school. This one happens to be home to the troublesome children of America’s elite. These boys don’t take very kindly to authority and quickly show their uninvited guests that they messed with the wrong juvenile delinquents.

Toy Soldiers

The original starred Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton and Louis Gossett Jr., and was directed by Daniel Petrie Jr., the auteur behind such hits as Beverly Hills Cop and Turner and Hooch. The Toy Soldiers remake seems to be only in the earliest stages of development right now, so it’s unclear who’ll direct this version or what role Latifah is up for (maybe the head of the school?), but it sounds like it’s definitely moving forward.

There’s also no release date just yet for the project, but thankfully, fans won’t have to wait long for more brilliantly crafted content from Blumhouse. Fantasy Island hits theaters on February 14th, The Invisible Man releases on February 27th and The Hunt is back from the dead and coming to a theater near you on March 13th. Suffice it to say, there’s much to look forward to.