Booster Gold Script Is Ready, The Ball’s In The Studio’s Court

Booster Gold

When it comes to a character like Booster Gold, I’m actually quite surprised that he’s been considered for receiving a movie of his own. Then again, many superheroes who’ve raked in considerable dough in recent years were virtually unknown to the mainstream before being granted headlining gigs. That said, there is potential for this time traveling showoff to catch on with audiences.

Regardless of whatever positives can be mentioned, Booster’s journey to the screen has been pretty sordid. After making a memorable live action appearance on Smallville, word of a major motion picture focused on the character first surfaced back in 2015. Apart from that, SyFy once considered adding him to its prime time lineup, with the possibility of Arrowverse inclusion also having been discussed. Believe it or not, Stephen Amell once auditioned to play Booster, though it remains unknown which version he was referring to.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at this progress report screenwriter Zack Stentz offered Revenge of the Fans:

“I do not know what’s going on with it right now, honestly. And I don’t know if the DC people know what’s going on with it. Their strategy seems to change depending on how […] most recent movie did. But I can tell you that a script has been turned in that the director and producer, Greg Berlanti, has proclaimed himself to be very happy with. And it’s something that’s ready to go, but DC and Warner Bros. would need to give the greenlight to it. The ball is in their court.”

Booster Gold

I guess our takeaway from that is an assurance of Booster Gold still being in play at Warner Bros., but he doesn’t sound like a priority. In fact, the longer this drags out, the less likely we are to see this screenplay adapted. Maybe the character does have a shot of lighting up the silver screen, though it’s fair to say that a different script could be settled upon if the day ever comes.

If you’re wondering what I think, I’d say it’s very possible that we’ll see Booster Gold in the Arrowverse instead of in a movie. Considering how that brand still has at least a few more years of life left in it, odds are a variety of DC Comics characters will be added to its pantheon before it’s all said and done.