Brad Pitt Was Apparently Considered To Play Cable In Deadpool 2

You know, it’s really starting to seem like there’s as much talk surrounding the casting of Cable for Deadpool 2 as there is about the Merc with a Mouth himself these days. But, I guess that’s to be expected for a beloved character that’s just now making his silver screen debut, one which is intended to serve as a launching point for X-Force, among other movies.

In recent memory, many big names have been mentioned in the same breath as the time traveler, including a hard lobbying Russell Crowe, David Harbour and the rumored frontrunner, Michael Shannon. To be quite honest, I fully expect there to be metatextual jokes aimed at Man of Steel if, in fact, Shannon does land the gig. Remember, Ryan Reynolds didn’t have any problem taking jabs at either X-Men Origins: Wolverine or Green Lantern in the first Deadpool flick.

To further spoil those of you who dig trivia, Brad Pitt’s name came up the other day, with Collider now firmly saying that he was indeed in contention for the role of Cable – past tense. According to them, “there was interest on both sides” and he has since “moved on.” Still, the possibility of him returning to the negotiating table hasn’t been ruled out.

What I can’t shake is the fact that Cable sure did look a hell of a lot like Pitt in some recently leaked concept art, which can be seen in the gallery at the top. One would almost think that it was done with the intention of getting Pitt to take the bait, but I guess it’s not looking like it was meant to be.

As of now, Deadpool 2 lacks a concrete release date, but is expected to arrive in theaters some time in 2018.

Source: Collider