Michael Shannon Is The Frontrunner To Play Cable In Deadpool 2


Despite reports of the actor dropping out of the race early on, THR now says that Michael Shannon is the frontrunner to play time travelling mutant Cable in Deadpool 2. This news comes just after Brad Pitt’s name was thrown into the mix last night, alongside former contestants Pierce Brosnan and David Harbour. From what we understand, the latter is still being considered, but at this time, Shannon is the studio’s top choice.

The outlet goes on to note that scheduling issues could force 20th Century Fox to go with someone else, which lines up with what we heard previously in regards to why the Man of Steel star couldn’t sign on, but for now, he remains the frontrunner for the role of Cable. What’s also interesting is that The Hollywood Reporter claims that though Kyle Chandler was an early favorite to play the part, and was once thought to be locked in, he was never seriously considered.

As for when the studio will make a final decision, well, that’s still unclear. However, with Deadpool 2 gearing up for a summer shoot, it can’t be too much longer now before an actor is chosen. Either way, it looks like the casting process is now in the very last stages, with only a few names remaining. Who’ll emerge victorious remains to be seen, but if it is indeed Shannon, we certainly wouldn’t complain.

While we wait for more updates to arise, tell us, would you like to see Michael Shannon bring Cable to life in Deadpool 2? Let us know in the usual place!

Source: THR