Is Brad Pitt Up For Cable In Deadpool 2?


Well, this is interesting. For months now, the casting of Cable in Deadpool 2 has been one of the hottest topics on the web, with every actor under the sun being rumored for the role. Russell Crowe, David Harbour, Pierce Brosnan, Stephen Lang – you name it. 20th Century Fox has kept silent on the matter and continues to do so, but with production on the sequel set to get underway this summer, it can’t be long now before we find out who’s going to be joining Reynolds on screen.

That’s something which the film’s writers teased not too long ago, and while we still don’t have an answer as to who will bring the time travelling mutant to life in Deadpool 2, not to mention X-Force as well, an exciting new name has now entered the mix. It’s important to note that this doesn’t come from an official report of any kind, simply a Tweet by tipster Jeff Sneider, who’s got a so-so track record when it comes to scoops. As such, there’s no telling how he got his information here or if it’s at all accurate, but according to him, Brad Pitt may be in talks to play Cable.

Now, this is interesting for a few reasons. For one, this is the first we’re hearing of Pitt being involved in Deadpool 2. A number of names have popped up over the past few months, but not once has the Fight Club star found himself in the mix. Perhaps more interesting, however, is that the David Leitch-directed sequel doesn’t really sound like the type of project Pitt would be a part of. Not that he hasn’t done big budget blockbusters before, but comic book movies aren’t exactly a genre he’s been associated with in the past, instead choosing to star in more Oscar-oriented affairs – for the most part.

But who knows? After Allied, he could definitely use a hit and there’s no denying it’d be a ton of fun to see him suit up alongside the Merc with a Mouth. We’ll take this with the requisite grain of salt for now, but we must admit, this would certainly be an interesting bit of casting that could potentially work out very well.

What do you think, though? Is Brad Pitt the man to play Cable in Deadpool 2? Sound off with your thoughts in the usual place!