Check Out Bradley Cooper And Emma Stone In First Set Photo From Cameron Crowe’s Upcoming Comedy


Though it’s still without a title (Deep Tiki has been bandied about but never confirmed), Cameron Crowe’s upcoming, Hawaii-set romantic comedy has been generating a sizeable amount of interest online, mostly thanks to its two in-demand stars, Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone (pictured above).

In the film, which has been shooting on location for the past 22 days, Cooper plays a washed-up military contractor who has been assigned to work on a highly-classified weapons satellite launch in Hawaii. When Cooper’s character learns some sensitive information and decides to rebel against his employers, he recruits a beautiful but distant Air Force pilot (Stone) to help him sabotage the launch. Simultaneously, he attempts to reconnect with an old flame (Rachel McAdams) and find meaning in his life.

The comedy also stars Jay Baruchel, Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray, Danny McBride and John Krasinski. According to various sources, Crowe’s film will blend modern-day romantic comedy with mystical fantasy, as a talking computer and ancient island spirits apparently factor into the plot.

Though the scarce information we have about Crowe’s latest film (which he also penned the script for) has generated a plethora of burning questions, I feel confident in the director’s ability to deliver the goods. With a cast this talented, and the man who gave us Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous holding the reins, the chances of this ambitious romantic comedy succeeding seem sky-high.

Super-producer Scott Rudin (Revolutionary Road, The Social Network, Moonrise Kingdom) is producing for Sony, and the film will likely hit screens sometime next year. Though some have predicted that Crowe will aim for an Oscar-friendly fall date, I’m guessing that the director will plant the film squarely in the summer season to take advantage of its gorgeous, tropical setting.

Are you a fan of Crowe’s distinctive blend of emotional depth and sunny optimism, or will you be giving this film a pass? Let us know in the comments section!