Brie Larson Reportedly Wants To Be Seen As The Female Tom Cruise

Brie Larson

As per his Instagram bio, Tom Cruise has been running in movies since 1981. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the actor is his longevity, when you consider that he’s spent 35 years firmly embedded at the top of the Hollywood ladder after Top Gun first rocketed him to A-list superstardom, and at no point in the years since has he been viewed as anything other than one of the biggest and most bankable names in the industry, even when some bizarre mid-2000s antics saw his personal reputation take a little bit of a hit.

The first two decades of his back catalogue found him working with a number of exciting auteurs in a bunch of daring and unexpected projects, but he’s since comfortably settled into his groove as someone who almost exclusively dabbles in the world of big budget blockbusters.

Now, insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that Brie Larson wants to be seen as the female Tom Cruise, and yet the tipster offers no explanations as to what the hell that’s supposed to actually mean, so all we’re left with is a vague and sweeping statement that some might even view as nonsensical.

After all, what would the actress have to accomplish in order to be called the female Tom Cruise? She’s technically done the fighter pilot bit in Captain Marvel, so that’s a start. Beyond that, though, is she planning on risking life and limb embarking on a series of increasingly dangerous stunts without using a double? Is the actress eying the next 30 years being spent as one of the biggest stars in the business? Is it a Scientology thing? Is Brie Larson going to hire her own Christopher McQuarrie after the writer, director and producer has been involved in ten of Cruise’s last fourteen projects in some fashion? Given the impenetrable opacity of Richtman’s claims, it’s impossible to know, and you’d best dump a heap of salt on this one for now.