Brie Larson Reportedly Wants Her Star Wars Character To Be The Strongest Jedi Ever

Brie Larson

Evidence is suggesting that Brie Larson could be headed to a galaxy far, far away. The Captain Marvel actress has made no secret of her ambitions to join the Star Wars universe on social media, and recent reports have been pointing to her being in talks with Lucasfilm to play a major new character. Well, new to the screen, but not to the franchise’s lore.

We recently brought you the news that Larson could end up portraying Mara Jade and tipster Daniel Richtman has now shared a rumor which lines up with what we’ve been hearing. Richtman says that yes, Larson does have her eye on playing Mara, a character from the old EU who’s most famous for being Luke Skywalker’s wife. What’s more, he claims that the actress wants her Star Wars character to be the strongest Jedi in the whole saga. While fans could debate who the real strongest Jedi is for hours, Mara definitely has a lot of power and so the Avengers: Endgame star should definitely come close to her wish.

Even if the Sequel Trilogy appears to rule out her marriage to Luke, there’s still so much potential for Mara Jade on screen. Initially serving as the Emperor’s Hand, his Force-sensitive top assassin, she eventually reformed and became not just Luke’s wife but also a Jedi Master in her own right. She could easily lead her own movie series and maybe that’s what’s about to happen with Larson in the role. It’s even possible this is the Star Wars project that Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige is producing.

Speaking of Marvel, it’s also believed that Larson is pushing for Carol Danvers to become the leader of the Avengers when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes next reunite. What’s more, she may be searching for a part in the Star Trek universe, too. All the signs are indicating that Brie Larson is looking to become a one-woman pop culture institution, then, and we’ll just have to wait and see if she indeed journeys to that galaxy far, far away at some point.