Brie Larson Reportedly Wants To Take The Strongest Avenger Title From Scarlet Witch

Captain Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

If someone built like Dwayne Johnson has trouble remaining in superhero shape for the duration of production on Black Adam, then spare a thought for all those regular-sized actors and actresses who have their own blockbusters to headline.

Brie Larson is one such individual, as she’s gearing up for her return as the MCU’s Captain Marvel in the recently retitled The Marvels. Inevitably, that rebranding led to an onslaught of rumors surrounding the actress’ future as part of the franchise, and while it remains to be seen how much longer she sticks around for, she’s at least putting the work in to stay in superhero shape, as evidenced by a recent video that Brie shared on social media.

But there may be another reason that she’s keen to remain in tip-top form for the upcoming sequel, and that’s because reports are pointing to Larson being hungry for Carol Danvers to snatch back the title of Strongest Avenger in the MCU, after Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch took it from her.

Insider Daniel Richtman has taken to Patreon this week to share that the Room star is hoping to have Captain Marvel be firmly established as the strongest hero in the franchise. Not only that, but she wants to make sure that things stay that way, with Richtman saying that Wanda technically doesn’t count anymore as she’s turning into more of a villain now.

“Brie Larson wants to make sure Cap Marvel stays strongest hero in MCU,” he says. “Wanda doesn’t count bc she is turning into villain.”

If Scarlet Witch is indeed heading down a path towards villainy – which it certainly seems like she is – then Carol definitely stands a good chance of taking back the title of Strongest Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ve already seen what she can do in her previous appearances in the franchise and with the hero presumably only set to get even more powerful in The Marvels, she may very well be top of the food chain once more.