Brie Larson Reportedly Looking For Another Superhero Role

Brie Larson

As expected, the news that Carol Danvers’ solo sequel was rebranded as The Marvels has led to an instant onslaught of rumors and hearsay that Brie Larson has either lost the confidence of the Marvel Studios hierarchy or her days as part of the shared superhero universe are numbered, and sometimes a combination of the two.

Of course, it was inevitable given the continued negativity surrounding her mere existence as a member of the franchise, dating back to Captain Marvel being downvoted into oblivion on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and YouTube months before it was even released, leading to co-star and longtime MCU fan favorite Clark Gregg blasting the trolls for being sad and butthurt.

The Marvels was only confirmed to be the second installment’s title last week, but we’ve already heard tales that it was due to the belief that the leading lady didn’t deliver first time around and audiences will be more receptive to the project if there’s an ensemble element, while the most recent reports have claimed that Larson could be leaving the MCU altogether.

Of course, precisely none of this has been corroborated or validated of yet, but insider Daniel Richtman is nonetheless putting forth the scoop that the 31 year-old is now looking for another superhero role. The tipster doesn’t mention what the role is, which studio or comic book series it would be linked to or why the actress is even considering signing on to play another costumed crimefighter when she’s already the star of a billion-dollar box office hit that’s set to position her as one of Phase Four’s marquee Avengers, but we can guarantee that it’s far from the last time we’ll hear Brie Larson‘s future come under scrutiny.