It Looks Like Brie Larson’s Already In Training For Captain Marvel 2


As Marvel Studios’ first superhero blockbuster with a female lead, Captain Marvel came burdened with high pressure and expectations. While the movie wasn’t as universally-beloved as some other entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and stuck a little too rigidly to the studio’s established formula, it nonetheless managed to deliver a solid origin story for Carol Danvers.

Captain Marvel also generated a surprising amount of controversy online that ultimately had to be addressed by the studio, the cast and even people that had absolutely nothing to do with the movie, with star Brie Larson signaled out for particular criticism. Despite the best efforts of the online trolls to sabotage the film’s reputation before it had even been released though, Captain Marvel went on to earn over $1.1 billion at the box office.

The character would next appear in Avengers: Endgame, but it’s fair to say that Carol Danvers didn’t contribute much to the overall narrative besides popping up for a couple of action scenes and showing off her snazzy new hairdo. Regardless, given the success of the first installment and the fact that Larson still has five movies left on her contract with the studio, expect to see much more of the hero over the next few years.

Of course, Captain Marvel 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet, never mind having a locked-in release date, but based on a recent social media post, it appears that the actress is already training to get back into superhero shape:

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Messing around with new grips, building grip strength ?

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All the signs point to Captain Marvel 2 being a key part of the MCU’s Phase Five, which doesn’t even begin until at least 2022. However, Larson could easily be gearing up for a cameo appearance in another Marvel Studios outing. After all, the Academy Award-winner recently posted a picture of herself wielding Thor’s hammer Mjolnir online, which has already led to speculation that she could play a role in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The fans would certainly be onboard with that decision, and it would also keep the character relevant until Captain Marvel 2 is confirmed by Kevin Feige, which could even happen at this weekend’s D23 Expo. As it stands, Larson doesn’t have any current projects in the pipeline following the upcoming release of awards-baiting drama Just Mercy, leaving her schedule wide open for further adventures in the MCU.