Disney Not Recommending Captain Marvel Or Brie Larson For Oscars

Captain Marvel

The evidence seems to be mounting that Disney has lost a bit of faith in Brie Larson and Captain Marvel. Despite the movie being a massive box office success earlier this year, the controversy surrounding both the film and its lead actress have led many to believe that executives at the studio are starting to worry about making the character into the next Captain America.

Following the company’s decision to remove Carol Danvers from their marketing campaign for their upcoming streaming service, Disney has seemingly once again snubbed the feminist superhero. The corporation recently announced the slate of movies that they’re planning to recommend for the Oscars next year and the list includes films such as Avengers: Endgame, Aladdin, Toy Story 4, The Lion King and Frozen 2. Captain Marvel is noticeably absent from the catalog and while this isn’t necessarily a slight at the feature, it does come off that way.

On the other hand, Disney is only pushing for one Marvel movie in the last year to get awards recognition. It’s possible that they don’t want to overwhelm the Academy with too many superhero films, especially considering that one anonymous ember railed against the genre earlier this year. It therefore makes sense that they’d only put forward their absolute best MCU film for consideration.

Still, it’s hard not to read into the omission of Captain Marvel given all of the rumors swirling about the company’s growing distaste with Larson and the character. Regardless, the Oscar-winning actress is still beloved by a large segment of the public and is onboard to appear in at least five more Marvel movies. This story might not mean anything in the long run, then, but it’s still definitely an interesting piece of what might be a mounting sentiment within Disney that Larson’s time in the MCU will soon run its course.