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‘BRZRKR’ writer teases a ‘wild’ Keanu Reeves comic book universe

We can't wait to see it, either.

keanu reeves brzrkr
via Getty Images/Boom! Studios

Keanu Reeves has spent years being linked with both of Hollywood’s premiere shared comic book universes, and while he hasn’t committed to Marvel or DC as of yet, he’s nonetheless gone ahead and created one of his own with BRZRKR.

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Not only is the action icon set to headline a live-action blockbuster for Netflix based on the saga he helped design, but he’ll also voice the half-man/half-god hero in a spinoff anime series for the streaming service. The basic premise finds a man named B. working for the government to fight wars and battles nobody else is capable of surviving, in exchange for the answers about his past he’s been seeking for centuries.

The screenplay is being penned by The Batman and Project Power scribe Mattson Tomlin, who revealed his unlikely inspirations to the crowd at Comic-Con (per Deadline), before teasing a wild and crazy exercise in violence on social media.

“I love Keanu Reeves with all my heart. His characters mean a lot to me. The time I’ve spent with him is something I honor. The inspiration for the film isn’t just his other movies but films like The Fountain and Tree of Life.”

via Boom! Studios

A high concept, R-rated, gratuitously violent story of an immortal part-deity played by Keanu Reeves taking on hordes of enemies in battles deemed unwinnable, all while seeking out the truth regarding his mysterious origins and existence sounds so bonkers that there’s an exceedingly high chance it’s going to be glorious to witness firsthand when BRZRKR comes to Netflix.