BTS Footage From Avengers: Infinity War Finds The God Of Thunder In A Spot Of Bother


The God of Thunder feels the full wrath of Thanos in this reel of BTS footage from Avengers: Infinity War.

First spotted by the eagle eyes of Twitter, below you’ll see Chris Hemsworth’s Norse god (or, at least, his stunt double) being flung across the room, as he struggles to comprehend the sheer power of the Mad Titan.

If you lean close enough you’ll also notice all four members of the Black Order standing close by, though it’s hard to say whether this is pulled from the moment when Thor first meets Thanos, or soon after Josh Brolin’s über-villain brings Hulk down to size. By the same token, it may have been captured just after the Mad Titan slaughters Loki, which is a moment that helped bring Thanos’ true capabilities into sharp focus. Hell, even Tom Holland admits to being heartbroken by the God of Mischief’s death.

As for the behind-the-scenes footage, embedded below is a sneak peek at a candid scene that will surely be included in the inevitable Infinity War Blu-ray, which may well hit store shelves in August – two weeks after its debut on Digital HD.

There’s also been mention of the film’s deleted scenes, though screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely recently warned viewers that some of the material cut from Infinity War will be saved for Avengers 4. That’s interesting….

And here’s that BTS sizzle reel, courtesy of Twitter:

Currently simmering just north of $1.9 billion, Avengers: Infinity War is expected to complete its historic theatrical run over the coming weeks, and only then will we know if the Russo Brothers’ epic blockbuster has the necessary mileage to break into Hollywood’s two-billion-dollar club.