Cable Will Reportedly Have A Strong Connection To Kang In The MCU

Kang Loki

Deadpool is crossing over into the MCU soon, but it’s yet to be revealed if he’ll bring any of his allies from the Fox universe with him. One who feels more likely than others, though, is Cable, seeing as he’s played by MCU stalwart Josh Brolin. Now that his time as Thanos is over, it adds up that Marvel would keep him around as the grizzled time traveler instead. And, in doing so, they might connect him to the franchise’s next Thanos, Kang the Conqueror.

We previously reported that Cable will fight Jonathan Majors’ Kang in the MCU, and now our reliable sources – the same ones who told us Rachel McAdams would be back in Doctor Strange 2 long before that was confirmed – have revealed some additional info about how the anti-hero will be reimagined by Marvel Studios. We’re hearing that Cable will come from a future ruled by Kang and he journeyed to the present-day after stealing the tyrant’s tech.

In Deadpool 2, it was established that Cable was from an apocalyptic future in which his family were killed by Firefist, which caused him to travel back in time in an attempt to kill Firefist as a child. However, the exact nature of the dark future he came from and the origins of his wrist-mounted time travel device were not explored. So there is an opening there for Marvel to retroactively tie him into the Kang storyline.

Brolin has previously revealed that he much preferred playing Thanos to Cable, calling the Fox movie a “business transaction”. Still, hopefully he’d be enthused by the idea of teaming up with Marvel Studios again and retooling the character with them. Zazie Beetz has also said she’d love to come back as Domino, so it’s feasible that Deadpool 3 – which Ryan Reynolds is working on now and is set to shoot in late 2022 – could feature all three leads from the last sequel.