Can you spot all of the Disney, Marvel, and ‘Star Wars’ references in the new D23 poster?

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Disney released a poster for its upcoming D23 event and it’s an Easter egg hunter’s dream. This ornate 2D rendering has a retro Mickey Mouse presiding over the Disney castle, which is besieged by all manner of famous characters, objects, and symbols. Can you spot them all? Don’t worry, we’ll help you with the hunt.

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Disney references

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Aside from Mickey, other Disney characters on the poster include Tinkerbell, Dumbo, Winnie-the-Pooh, Maleficent, Mulan, Elsa, Vanellope von Schweetz, Elliott, Angel, Tiana and Naveen, and Mickey’s predecessor, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Objects from Disney movies, like Aladdin’s lamp and Moana’s raft, are also present, as are symbols like the Tron logo.

Pixar is heavily represented as well: Buzz Lightyear is blasting to infinity and beyond; Remy from Ratatouille is on a right-side spire; the Monsters, Inc. logo is on one of the castle’s walls; EVE from WALL-E is flying to the right; the Luxo Ball is balancing on a large spire; and Luca and Alberto from the 2021 film Luca can be seen swimming in front of the castle.

Marvel references

3 Spider-Mans facing the camera
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Spider-Man is hanging from the left portcullis; Captain America’s shield is in the top left corner; a Nova Corps Starblaster is shooting off to the right; and logos for Shang-Chi and Black Panther adorn the castle’s walls.

Star Wars references

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Star Wars is possibly overrepresented on this Disney poster. In addition to Baby Yoda, the castle hosts a training droid, Boba Fett’s Firespray, an N1 Starfighter, an X-Wing, the Andor logo, and the Fulcrum symbol.

Other references

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While all the references are property of Disney in some capacity, not all are primarily associated with the company. These include The Simpsons, which the giant donut in the top right presumably represents; Indiana Jones, who is hanging off the right portcullis; and Super Grover from Sesame Street, who is flying on the left side.

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