Rocket’s Never Heard Of The Avengers In New Infinity War TV Spot


After two films, one Infinity Stone, and more in-fighting than you could shake a blaster at, the Guardians of the Galaxy are beginning to find their groove.

So much so, in fact, that James Gunn’s A-holes will be a tight-knit unit by the time Avengers: Infinity War rolls around next week. They’ll seemingly enjoy a great role in the Marvel crossover, too, even if the film belongs to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – from Hawkeye to the bearded Captain America, directors Joe and Anthony Russo left no stone unturned when assembling their gigantic character roster.

But from everything we’ve seen so far, it looks like the two groups of heroes won’t get along at first. We already know that Star-Lord won’t take too kindly to Thor – nor does he seem to be a fan of Spidey, either – and now, thanks to the new TV spot above, we can see that Rocket will take some time to warm up to them, too. When Peter Parker tries to explain who the Avengers are, with a bit of help from the God of Thunder, Bradley Cooper’s talking animal simply shrugs the heroes off, saying, “I’ve never heard of them.”

So, while it may take a bit of time for everyone to get on the same page, we’ve no doubt that the Guardians are going to be a highlight in the film. From what we’ve heard, they haven’t lost their mojo since encountering the planet-sized Ego in James Gunn’s spacefaring sequel – if anything, Star-Lord and Co. have only grown into a bona fide team since their escapades in outer space. And not a moment too soon.

For in Avengers: Infinity War, they’ll come up against Thanos, a Mad Titan with only one thought in his mind: to wipe out half the universe by collecting all six Infinity Stones. And though they may take a backseat to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on April 27th, Chris Pratt recently assured fans that our favorite team of A-holes will still get their moment to shine.

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