Captain America 4 Will Reportedly Feature A Sam Vs. Bucky Fight

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Image via Marvel Studios

Although they’d never admit it, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier made it perfectly clear for all to see that Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are the very best of friends, with fans loving the bromance between the Disney Plus show’s two lead characters, which didn’t take much acting based on the off-screen bond that stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan share.

Most of us are expecting both halves of the double act to remain prominent parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward, not least of all in Captain America 4. Of course, plot details are practically nonexistent, which is hardly surprising when the project is still in the earliest stages of development, but insider Daniel Richtman offers that Sam and Bucky will end up fighting each other at some point during the movie.

Obviously, they started their relationship at loggerheads before eventually becoming the MCU’s premiere buddy duo, so there’s definitely a narrative precedent there. However, based on the succession of rumors emanating from the tipster since the project was first announced, Sam’s solo feature film debut will need to be about six hours long.

The talk of a Sam vs. Bucky showdown comes after Richtman’s previous claims that Captain America 4 will see the title hero get the super solider serum in direct contravention of his entire comic book history, while there’s also going to be at least four Caps, multiple Falcons, a role for Tim Blake Nelson as The Incredible Hulks Leader, and an entire arc dedicated to Bucky officially rebranding as the White Wolf, which is an awful lot to cram into a single comic book blockbuster. Especially if you need to split the beloved pair up to have them fight and most likely make up again before the credits roll.