Captain America 4 Will Reportedly Introduce Another Super Soldier


The MCU may be about to introduce yet another super soldier. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier massively increased the number of superpowered individuals who had received the super serum with the Flag Smashers, a group that gave themselves Steve Rogers-like abilities. John Walker likewise used the stolen serum to give himself enhanced strength, and it seems that someone else may be about to do the same in Captain America 4.

According to a new rumor shared by tipster Daniel Richtman, Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson will become a super soldier himself in his own movie as he’ll be receiving the serum, too. That’s all Richtman has to say on the topic right now, but if we’re to believe this, then it’s looking like Marvel is planning to ensure Sam measures up to the mantle by giving him the same abilities as the last two men to go by the title of Captain America.

If this does end up happening, though, it could be a bit of controversial decision with the fandom. In the comics, Sam has never had the serum and it’s his humanity that makes him such a great Cap. That’s been the case in the MCU so far as well. Falcon even saw Zemo ask Sam if he would take the serum if he got the chance, to which the hero responds that he wouldn’t. Of course, he also didn’t want to be the next Cap at first but changed his mind, so he could do the same again.

From a practical point of view, he probably would be more help to the Avengers and the world at large if he could match Steve Rogers’ powers, but Wilson already has Steve’s strength of character, so maybe he doesn’t need anything else. But that remains to be seen.

With a script from Falcon showrunner Malcolm Spellman and co-writer Dalan Musson, Captain America 4 is in development now.