Captain Marvel 2 Will Reportedly Offer Star Wars Vibes


Disney might be the most powerful entity in the entertainment industry, but even a company with their unprecedented track record of success isn’t immune from criticism. Most of this ire has been directed towards the Mouse House’s handling of the Star Wars franchise, and if it wasn’t for The Mandalorian then there wouldn’t be a single project set in a galaxy far, far away that hadn’t come under fire from the fans since they first purchased Lucasfilm.

One of their many subsidiaries might be the biggest and most powerful brand in the business that can’t put a foot wrong in the eyes of many fans, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of people from signing petitions to have the Marvel Cinematic Universe replace Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, even though Carol Danvers recently headlined a billion dollar hit and looks set to become an integral part of the franchise’s future.

Larson has already been linked to a role in Marvel boss Kevin Feige’s in-development Star Wars project, and in another coincidental dovetailing between two of Disney’s most under-fire entities, noted insider Roger Wardell has claimed that the upcoming Captain Marvel 2 will reportedly offer some serious Star Wars vibes.

The more cynical fans that rejected both Larson’s casting and the more recent Star Wars movies will no doubt be drawing instant comparisons to the much-maligned prequel and sequel trilogies in their heads, but as a blockbuster cosmic sequel with a heavy sci-fi influence, it isn’t exactly surprising that Captain Marvel 2 would use the genre’s most beloved franchise as a benchmark.

Wardell also claimed that the plot will involve a group of evil Skrull extremists that call themselves the Badoon, although that would be a major departure from the alien race’s comic book origins. However, the Star Wars comparisons seem to hint that Captain Marvel 2 could see two opposing Skrull forces pitted against each other in a battle for control of the galaxy, not dissimilar to the long-running conflict between the Empire and the Resistance.