Brie Larson Wants In On Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Movie

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This week, fans were excited to find out that Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige may develop a Star Wars movie for Disney and Lucasfilm. The story came with the additional bombshell that Feige is likely to bring at least one major star from the MCU with him. And all the signs are pointing to it being Captain Marvel‘s Brie Larson. And you know what? It seems the actress is more than up for the task.

Larson took to Twitter last night to address all the rumors swirling around her. Sharing a photo of herself in Jedi robes, wielding a lightsaber and leaning on a C-3PO statue’s shoulder, she wrote: “Did someone say Star Wars?!” Obviously, fans are wondering if this is some kind of confirmation of her involvement in Feige’s plans, with the post going nuclear on social media. Even if it isn’t, though, it’s clear that she’s down to travel to that galaxy far, far away.

Before the Feige news was revealed, We Got This Covered was the first outlet to tell you that Larson might have a future in the Star Wars saga. We initially heard in July that the star was pushing for a role in the franchise and we recently heard that Lucasfilm was just as keen to have her on board, possibly for a leading part in a potential trilogy. We haven’t explicitly been told that this is connected to Feige’s plans, but it seems like a no-brainer.

The Carol Danvers actress is known to be a mega SW fan, too, with the actress sharing several snaps of herself in Jedi gear over the summer – or as she puts it, “serving Jedi realness.” Given that Captain Marvel‘s $1 billion dollar success has proven her a bankable leading name, it’s no wonder that Larson could find herself bringing her Jedi realness to the big screen for real in an upcoming Star Wars movie.