Captain Marvel Gets An Epic New Logo


Kevin Feige and his team are clearly building up Captain Marvel to be a very big deal for the MCU, with the recent Avengers: Infinity War teasing the arrival of Carol Danvers in its final moments, and multiple sources reporting her to be the most powerful hero of the MCU thus far.

In recent weeks especially, Marvel Studios has been kicking the Captain Marvel promotion up to a whole other level, between the revelatory new stills and the highly anticipated first trailer. What’s more, the logo for Carol’s big screen debut has been given a shiny new update, keeping the red font with gold trim pattern of the last title card but with a more three-dimensional, metallic design.

Nicely matching the design of Carol’s red, blue, and gold costume, it’s an agreeable set of lettering, though it’s hardly the biggest Captain Marvel reveal of these past couple of days. Most fans would probably be more keen to check out the new trailer, which contains such first-looks as the captain’s helmet and a young Phil Coulson, not to mention the sight of Brie Larson punching an old woman in the face.

The new promo has generally been well-received by fans and MCU co-stars alike, though this early teaser still withholds a lot of footage, especially when it comes to Carol’s Kree and Skrull associates and enemies. But while it would be nice to finally see Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos and his green-skinned friends in action, Captain Marvel is ultimately the one with her name on that title card, and this first trailer will suffice for now as a summary of who Carol is and where she came from.

And we’ll see where she goes from here when Captain Marvel comes out on March 8th, 2019.