Captain Marvel Writer Didn’t Like Carol’s Avengers: Endgame Haircut

Captain Marvel

Avengers: Endgame was filled with plenty of divisive surprises, including Carol’s advanced suit and, most notably, updated haircut. Because the powerful superhero didn’t have much to do in the film, a lot of the focus around her centered on her shortened locks.

The new look was an apparent homage to the comics, but didn’t sit right with many fans who liked the protagonist’s long hair. Perhaps the most angered by the hairdo change was Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.

She was evidently frustrated when the topic was brought up and pushed back on the idea that the latest style is Carol’s real cut. In her own words, “I would fight you for calling that her real haircut. We’re pistols at dawn, you and I.”

The short hair has been a trademark of the extraterrestrial warrior for years now, but this wasn’t always the case. During the majority of Captain Marvel’s career, she had long hair, including during DeConnick’s time creating adventures for the hero.

As of right now, it’s unknown what Carol will look like the next time she’s seen onscreen. It’s possible that she could revert back to the long hair or keep the look she currently has right now, but there’s also a distinct chance that Brie Larson’s character will have a completely different hairstyle in the next movie she appears in.

Regardless, it seems that Carol just can’t seem to escape criticism no matter what. Recently, over a quarter of a million fans signed a petition to oust the Academy Award winner from her role. Less than a week earlier, someone released an edit online that removes the actress from the film altogether. Most recently, the trolls attacked deleted scenes that saw Captain Marvel shutting down toxic masculinity. On top of all of that, Larson now has to deal with fans making her haircut into a bigger issue than it is.

Still, there’s no denying that Captain Marvel is one of the most exciting parts of the MCU going forward. Now that Thanos is defeated and many of the past Phases’ main characters are moving on, Carol and Peter Parker will have to head up the upcoming batch of Avengers, and we can’t wait to see them lead the way.