Star Trek: Picard Movie Reportedly In Early Development

Star Trek: Picard

Although we’ve only had one season of the show so far, Paramount are reportedly already planning a Star Trek: Picard movie. According to our sources – the same ones who told us Captain Pike is getting his own spinoff and Discovery has been renewed for season 5, both of which are now confirmed by The Geeks WorldWide – things are at an early stage in development at the moment. However, the proposed film would feature the current cast of Picard alongside returning characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation, of which we had several in the first season of the CBS All Access series.

You may recall that we told you about this plan last year, whereby Paramount were sounding out the idea of a Star Trek: Picard movie. And now, with the series having been received so well after its rookie season, we’re told that they’re intent on moving forward with the project and it’s currently being developed behind the scenes. Given that there’s also been talk of a Star Trek: Discovery film, too, it appears that ViacomCBS are keen to capitalize on their recent corporate restructuring and start putting out more Star Trek movies every year.

Indeed, we’ve recently heard about everything from a Zachary Quinto-starring Spock spinoff to other new entries in the Kelvin timeline series. And while it sadly doesn’t appear that we’ll be getting a Quentin Tarantino-helmed Star Trek film any time soon, it does seem that we’re close to receiving some more concrete updates on the next group of theatrical movies from the franchise. Furthermore, the number of new series planned within the Star Trek universe certainly demonstrates that ViacomCBS have big plans for the property.

How a Star Trek: Picard film could work is still unclear, although we’d be up for learning more about the Romulan Rescue Mission, which will also likely be a subject for season 2 of the series. Another option would be to avoid extending storylines from the currently running show and delve more into parts of the Next Generation‘s characters and settings, especially if a movie can bring back Michael Dorn’s Worf or LeVar Burton’s Geordi La Forge, with both already rumored for future seasons of Star Trek: Picard.

Whatever the case, it’s clearly still very early days for the project, but we’re told the plan is to definitely bring the show to the big screen at some point and as soon as we learn more, we’ll be sure to let you know.