Channing Tatum bares all his heart in new ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ trailer


Actor Channing Tatum spent his earliest years as a stripper and made those experiences into a surprisingly strong film series. Now, the end is near with Magic Mike’s Last Dance and today a trailer for the bumping, grinding and the globe-trotting sweaty story is out.

In the teaser posted on Warner Bros. Pictures’ official YouTube channel, we pick up with Tatum’s Mike Lane living in Miami. Dramatic music underscores an intimate moment with Salma Hayek and, after the two connect, they decide to put on a show in London while working through apparent tensions in their personal and professional relationships as the plot unwinds.

Indeed, in one shot, Tatum’s Lane says he is not going to let go of what they have.

“You’re so good at this, I am not going to let us just give up on it.”

Further shots suggest the elaborate choreography of the first and second installments of the trilogy will be back and it will not skimp on the suggestive. Scantily clad figures are, of course, present, and while this is the bread and butter of the franchise, it also appears the work will touch on themes of empowerment, at least, according to one line from Hayek later on.

“I want every woman who walks into this theater to feel that a woman can have whatever she wants whenever she wants.”

Magic Mike’s Last Dance opens Feb. 10 and the first two films in the series are available to stream on HBO Max. Steven Soderbergh directed the first and third, Gregory Jacobs directed the second and, apparently, the piece will be a feast for the senses. Tatum has previously said it will be akin to a massive sporting event and will not be as rooted in reality as the others with its incredible dancing.