Charlie Cox Reportedly More Than Likely To Return As Daredevil


It’s now coming up to two years since Daredevil was last on our screens, and fans still haven’t given up hope that there’s life left in the Man Without Fear and Marvel will elect to revive the cancelled Netflix show in time. Or, at the very least, folks are desperate to have Charlie Cox return as Matt Murdock. Thankfully, most signs are pointing to just that happening. Case in point: a new rumor once again suggests that Cox is in with a good chance of coming back.

Scooper Mikey Sutton has shared on his Geekosity website that the British actor is more than likely to be asked back by the studio. As has been said by other sources before, Sutton explains that Kevin Feige was a big fan of Netflix’s Daredevil and, in particular, was very impressed with Cox’s performance. So the number one plan is allegedly to get him back under the hornhead’s helmet, unless a scheduling conflict on Cox’s end prevents such a thing.

As for what specific form a new DD project with Cox could take, Sutton claims that the top idea is to do a revival of the show and release it on one of Disney’s streaming outlets. So, it could end up on Disney Plus. Or, maybe Hulu could be a better fit for it due to its harder edge. If it follows the tone of the Netflix series, that would certainly be more at home on Hulu, but it’s possible it could be made more family-friendly, too.

Sutton also writes that a movie appearance for Cox may materialize in none other than the next Avengers flick. He wouldn’t necessarily join the team, it’s said, but he may act as the heroes’ man on the street, keeping an eye on how things are going in New York while they deal with the cosmic threat.

Feel free to take all this with a pinch of salt, but it does largely line up with what’s been said elsewhere. The bottom line is that, with any luck, we’ll be seeing Charlie Cox suit up as Daredevil again somewhere in the MCU.