Charlize Theron Discusses The Old Guard 2

The old Guard

When The Old Guard made its Netflix debut in 2020, fans were invited into the world of immortals, warriors, and revenge. It was an engaging look at a group of soldiers who had superhuman healing abilities and, instead of using that for something wild and reckless, used it to help others.

Their plan to keep their abilities a secret? They never took a job from the same person twice, that is until they’re contacted by a CIA agent who needs them to rescue a group of kidnapped girls. Not wanting to leave children in danger, they take the job and soon find out that it’s all a big setup. The agent never needed their help; he just wanted to expose them.

Exposing the warriors led to a world of trouble and a sad realization; they aren’t entirely immortal; eventually, they will stop healing. They can be hurt beyond repair. As the mercenaries are chased, captured, and in the fight of their lives, they’re confronted with that very fact. Through it all, they hold on to hope that who they are and what they’ve done is all for good, and in a touching moment, they realize that it is.

The people they save? They’ve gone on to do good, so the warriors? They realize that the world needs them, and that’s where chapter 2 comes along. Charlize Theron had this to say about The Old Guard 2 and how she channeled her character in the films.

“For her, obviously not being able to die was a burden, and so how do you then lose the thing that you don’t want and realize that you actually do want it and you should’ve probably been more grateful towards it?”

The Old Guard 2 will be available on Netflix in 2022.