Feast Your Eyes On Over 30 New Images From Justice League Snyder Cut

Justice League

Now that the Snyder Cut of Justice League is really happening, membership for Vero is most likely going to drop off a cliff. The social media platform only ever tended to find itself in the headlines whenever Zack Snyder was releasing unseen photos or teasing major developments surrounding his unfinished take on the movie, and now that the massively-anticipated project is in the midst of post-production and heading to HBO Max next year, there’s very little for Snyder to tease over the next few months.

While his DCEU output didn’t find a whole lot of love from critics, and many fans also weren’t completely sold on his relentlessly grim aesthetic, you still can’t deny the fact that Snyder always looked to deliver the movies that he believed they wanted to see. The 54 year-old isn’t even getting paid to put the finishing touches to Justice League, which is probably for the best when you consider that the additional costs and subsequent marketing campaign will push the budget of the entire experiment to over half a billion dollars.

Yesterday at DC FanDome, the first full-length trailer for the Snyder Cut was revealed, and it already looks completely different from Joss Whedon’s maligned theatrical release. Not only that, but a whole host of images have also made their way online now which give us an even better look at it.

The Snyder Cut isn’t going to be the greatest comic book movie ever made as some people seem to think it will be, and the ‘sad song over dialogue-free trailer’ trope has been done to death at this point, but at the very least, we should be getting a vastly superior version of Justice League that marks the singular vision of a distinctive filmmaker, rather than the studio-mandated mess that landed in theaters with a thud back in 2017.