New Black Widow Promo Photos Tease The MCU’s Phase 4 Opener

Black Widow

If COVID-19 hadn’t happened, Black Widow would just be finishing up its theatrical run. Originally planned to release in early May, the trailers promised some kickass super-spy action and one of our last looks at the pre-Endgame MCU. Despite some rumors that Marvel Studios were considering bringing it to Disney+, the movie is now scheduled to arrive on November 6th, by which time cinemas should definitely be open again.

Now, Empire Magazine has run a feature on the pic, featuring interviews with the cast and some new looks at the characters, and you can check them out below:

By the time Black Widow is released, the titular character will have been dead on screen for more than 18 months, so it’s interesting hearing Scarlett Johansson talk about how the movie’s impact is greater knowing her eventual fate.

“If we had made a Black Widow standalone back then, it would be such a different film to this one. Natasha’s sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame gave me a totally different perspective on who she is. Before, I don’t think I would have been able to show people who Natasha really is, what drives he, and show her emotional core. I don’t think we’d be able to cut that deep back then. It would probably have been more of a straight-up spy thriller that maybe would have been a lot flashier in a different kind of way and just scratch the surface of what we do in this movie.”

Florence Pugh, whose Yelena Belova seems set to become the ‘new’ Black Widow of the MCU, also had some interesting comments about her relationship with Natasha, saying:

“I play Yelena, the annoying little sister who says everything that comes to her mind with no consequences. When we meet her she is kind of discovering the world in a new light. She is hurt and complicated and acts out. When she meets Scarlett’s character, Natasha, Yelena is kind of rediscovering who she is after the being in the Red Room for so long. So together they’re both suffering in very similar ways.”

We’ve also heard from multiple sources that the film’s post-credits scene involves Yelena and Taskmaster being recruited by William Hurt’s General Ross, to become members of the Thunderbolts. Whatever the case, the trailers indicate that we’re in for one hell of a time with Black Widow and it’ll be nice to see Johansson going out with a bang in the MCU, as her death in Endgame was somewhat overshadowed by Tony Stark’s sacrifice.