Watch: New Venom 2 Set Video Reveals A Cool Stunt


San Francisco is having a busy month. Not only are a reunited Neo and Trinity zipping around downtown on a motorcycle for The Matrix 4, but symbiotes are being seen all around the city as Venom 2 comes together. We’ve glimpsed some cool stuff over the last week, including Woody Harrelson as Carnage causing some havoc on a busy city street and our first look at Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in the movie.

And now, in a cool video shot by Twitter user @DorisMeier22, we have an exciting symbiote-based stunt being filmed. Here, we can see a stuntman leaping off the side of a building carrying someone in his arms. He lands on a car (which emits a shower of sparks) and then jumps to the ground. It seems obvious to me that this must be the mo-cap actor for Venom himself, as Carnage isn’t really the ‘carry someone to safety’ type.

It’s nice to see that the film appears to be using a combination of practical stunts and CGI to realize its characters. Mo-cap supremo Andy Serkis is directing the movie and anyone who’s seen the behind-the-scenes footage of his work in The Lord of the RingsKing Kong and the Planet of the Apes trilogy will know that he’s a firm proponent of making sure CGI characters have a tangible physical presence on screen.

Personally, I’m optimistic about Venom 2. I really liked the first film and its screwball hero and sense of fun. Perhaps the only weak link in the chain was Riz Ahmed’s villainous Carlton Drake. I don’t have any problems with the performance, but he was a bit of a dull villain. Besides, you’ve got Tom Hardy bringing a performance as committed as we saw in the first movie versus a scenery-chewing Woody Harrelson, how can you fail?