Watch: Matrix 4 Set Video Reveals First Look At Neo And Trinity Reunion

The Matrix

The Matrix 4 is currently shooting in San Francisco, with social media lighting up with pictures from the set. Right now, the production is filming some of the major action scenes for the movie, including a motorcycle stunt featuring Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity and Keanu Reeves as Neo. And better yet, the video down below, by Twitter user Vedoveto37 gives us our first look at the pair since The Matrix Revolutions way back in 2003, and it’s sure to excite fans.

As you can see, it shows Trinity riding a motorcycle while carrying Neo. Fans of the original trilogy will know that Trinity has form with motorcycles, having seen her zip around on a Ducati 996 while rescuing the Keymaker in The Matrix Reloaded.

However, it’s interesting that Neo is riding pillion. After all, he’s the One and we’ve seen him effortlessly flying around the city in previous films, so he probably shouldn’t need a ride on a motorcycle. As such, this may be an indication that this version of Neo is de-powered or perhaps with no memory of who he really is.

Whatever the case, The Matrix 4 is going to have to address the fact that both Neo and Trinity died at the end of the last film. The current thinking is that these will be digital versions of the pair, having uploaded their consciousnesses to the Matrix upon their deaths. This may account for Neo not having his powers, though it doesn’t explain how they’ve aged and why Neo has a very John Wick looking long hair and beard combo.

While the film itself isn’t out until March 21st, 2021, here’s hoping that we soon get more pictures from the shoot that can help us figure out what’s going on. Whatever the case, it’s nice to see this pair back in action. The Matrix has been away for far too long, and after years of gritty, realistic action films, I’m ready to see more bullet time, martial arts and wirework.